EOS R future compatibility

Hi all, is there any future potential for this system to be compatible with the eos r. Recently bought 3 V6ii with the intent to use them with my eos r and upon first use found out they do not work well at all. Cactus do not make it common knowledge that this camera is not compatible


  • The EOS R comes with a slightly different hardware specifications with the traditional EOS. The new spec is out of the tolerance of the V6 II hardware. We are sorry that due to the hardware limitation, there is no way to make EOS R compatible to the V6 II through firmware design.
  • Hi
    I sell my Canon 5D IV and bought two EOS R and I do have two Cactus V6 II TX/RX and one flash RF60X and now all Cactus products are for the wasting bin?!
    Boah, that's really hard stuff! :-O

    I did just test the camera with the trigger and sometimes it will fire the flash (with HSS and 1/1000) and a second later the camera shows only 1/200 and no HSS indicator and I can't set a faster shutter anymore and the flash will not fire on camera release.
    A second later everthing is working again like it should but I can't tell if it just happened arbitrarily or if it works again because I changed certain settings and changed them back again.

    Can you confirm that this corresponds to the problems and incompatibilities mentioned above?

    Thanks a lot
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