V6II with Metz 52 AF-1 digital for Pentax

I just got my first pair of cactus V6II to use two flashes (AF360FGZII on camera and Metz 52 AF-1 digital for Pentax on the 2nd cactus). And everything seems to work as expected. I was just wondering why there is no 52 af-1 in the V67-II. I can only choose different METZ models, but not this one. As the the flash is on the market since 2012 I find this strange. Any hints on why I can not select the proper flash?


  • While we try our best to profiling the flash models from original camera manufacturers, the AUTO profile should be accurate enough to work with most models available in the market. Specific profiles are only necessary when the coding of the flashes vary with the mainstream design.

    The Pentax AUTO profile should work fine with the Metz 52. Let us know if you encounter any problem in working with the AUTO profile.
  • I'll report back, thanks for the feedback! :)
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