Godox Compatibility

I have a V6 and V6ll with their latest firmware updates, V61.A.003 and V62.A.001 respectively. I am using these with a Pan G9 and Godox TT350(O) flash unit.
With the V6 and flash attached to G9 the units are TTL compatible, but with the V6ll it states they are not compatible when holding the menu button for 2secs. Is this correct or should the V6ll be compatible also?


  • For V6 II, you need to configure the camera system in the V6 II menu. If the preset camera system does not match the Olympus, it will not work. Please set OLYMPUS (M43) in the camera setup menu on the V6 II.
  • Thanks for the info. I have tried as you suggested and all combinations so I assume that there is general non compatibility with the systems I have.
    One other question should I be able to fire the shutter of the G9 using the V6`s. I can get the flash to operate remotely but not the shutter?
    As you may have guessed I am a newbie to these setups and also the G9 so I apologies if the questions are very naïve.
  • If your TT350 is a Olympus TTL version, please also set up the flash system as Olympus on the V6 II TX.

    You may use one V6 as TX and the other as RX to remotely trigger the G9. Connect your G9 to the RX with this shutter release cable:

    To remotely trigger the camera to take picture, and sync the flash simultaneously, you may use three units of Cactus transceivers and use RELAY in your function list.

    Let us know if you have any further issue with your set up.

  • I think I`m having several very senior moments lately. I should have known I require a shutter release cable as I use one with my Lumix bridge camera and a Pixel remote -- Doooohh!
    Cable ordered so no doubt I`ll be asking questions again soon.
    Thanks for your help
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