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V6II: FUJ.A.004
RF60X: A.08
Fuji X-T3: TTL, Sync FP, High ISO 12800 to simulate a short shutter Speed (for HSS) indoors.
Problem: All HSS exposures are totally overexposed! +- correction in camera-menue or in V6II-menue don't work. Is the X-T3 not compatible?
The FUJI EF-X500 on a second V6II with FUJ.A.04 works!
The Metz 58 AF-1 on a second V6II with CAN.A.004 or with FUJ.A.04 don't works!
The actual FW CAN.A.004 works fine with my Canon EOS 5D IV and the RF60X!
One year ago i tried your older FW with my Fuji X-T2 and had no such problems.


  • My reported problem has been solved!
    Outdoor the RF60X, the Metz 58AF1 and the Fuji EF-X500 are working fine with TTL-HSS.
    Indoor the minimum flash power of the RF60X and the Metz 58AF1 is too high for my test setup!
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