Yongnuo Flashes with built in receivers

Hi there, I have quite a few Yongnuo flashes that have built in receivers and before I purchase the V6 II I wanted to know if the V6 II would communicate with them directly or if I would need a cactus receiver for each unit??

The Flashes I have are



  • @Rustic
    You need a Cactus V6II on each flash. Better if you can use the Cactus RF-60X flashes instead. They are compatible with the V6II.
    Rule of thumb, is most cases is not possible to mix radio transmitters and receivers from different brands.
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    @lansa301 Thanks.

    1 more question the YN568EXIII provides me with HSS, will mounting it on a V6II and a V6II on my camera provide OCF HSS ?
  • @Rustic In general, the answer is yes. I am not familiarized with that particular flash.
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