M/ttl selection method

One of the things that has made the V6 trigger so great is the fast ergonomics that other companies don't have. For HSS firmware it's great to be able to single press a group to turn it on and off.

For the TTL firmware, it would be nice to instead of having to cycle through ttl and manual (having to press the group twice) to be able to set it so pressing the group only turns it on or off like before, and be able to set the wheel button or the OK button to be used to change between manual or ttl. That way you don't have to double click groups every time you want to turn them off. It could be made so that you can hold down the group you want to change and press the wheel in to cycle between M and ttl since the OK button already changes between power select and zoom, or with the OK button, etc.


  • There is an optional for the toggling method as your preference. Check the option in the V6 II menu as the following,


    I hope that helps.
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  • I don't think that's the same thing- the Flash mode settings gives options like TTL only, manual only, ratio, and mixed TTL/M.

    What I meant is that when using mixed ttl/m, if you could hold your desired group (abcd) down and also press the OK button or the wheel button at the same time to cycle through whether the group is set to TTL or manual, instead of pressing the group button twice to cycle through ttl or manual. This way if you have groups set how you want them, you only hav to press the group once to turn it on or off, instead of twice.

    In the same way that pressing a group + ok currently changes between zoom and flash power.
  • @Marekkphotography

    If you configure one of the "TTL only" or "Manual only" options, you get the desired behaviour, i.e., it only takes one press on a group button to toggle the group's on/off status.

    What you are proposing is to have a direct way to change the single group button press behaviour that would spare you from making a change to the configuration when, e.g., wanting to change from TTL to M mode while retaining the single group button press approach to toggling a group's on/off status.

    For what it's worth, I agree with you that the original behaviour of group buttons (from the V6) should have been retained and some interaction like you describe should have been used to change the group mode ("TTL" or "M"). With the above, I'm just stating that what you want is obtainable right now, as long as you don't need to frequently switch between "TTL" and "M" modes (as the latter requires a trip to the configuration menu).
  • What I've proposed is not currently attainable because you have to choose, through the menus, to set groups to TTL only or M only to have that single button press. It would be very convenient to have the single button press to turn groups on or off, while having another button press/combination that cycles through M or TTL for that group, so that you still have both options without having to go back to the menu and change your ttl only or M only setting again.

    It's not a huge deal how it is now, but this would make it better and would be very easy to write into a firmware update- or at least have an option for those interested in this.

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