V6IIs/RF60/A7rII/Adapted Lenses & TTL

When I use a native E-mount lens, TTL works brilliantly with my V6IIs and RF60s; however, as soon as I put on an adapted lens, I can't seem to get TTL to work right.  The flash fires but it's nowhere near the right exposure.

Any hints/tips?  Is there something I need to do to make this work?  Is it hopeless?


  • (Running firmware v205 on the flashes and SON.1.002 on the V6IIs.)
  • First, tell us which one is your adapter.
    Please check if your adapter have the contact pins on both sides.
    If not, your camera will think all are manual lenses without any info.
  • Cont.
    If the lenses is not transmitting any info: focus distance, aperture, focal length, etc; there is no info to adjust the flash settings.
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