V6 and Metz 52 AF-1

Hi !

I'm using a Metz 52AF-1-Nikon on top of a cactus v6 (both have updated firmware).
I get in trouble with the standby modus of the Metz.

As stated on the manual of the metz on page 147, the flash should go in the standby mode 1 or 10 minutes after
- being switch on
- a flash as fired
- half-press of the shutter release

All three work when the flash is plug directly to the camera, or through the V6 with pass-through function but does not when remotely controlled by a pair of V6.

Thus, the flash gets in standby modus at an undesired time and cannot be waked up.
Workaround is to remove the standby modus on the Metz, which is not the preferred solution.

The implementation of the function "wake-up the Metz when half-press of the shutter release" would be awesome !
If you go for that, please note that actually the V6 in Tx mode on top of the camera (currently nikon D7000) does not recognize "half-press button" by turning the led orange, but does recognize (luckily) "full-press button"  by turning the led green and flashing.

Looking at the forum, it seems that the problem is similar for all Metz flashes.
Please let me know if you need any additional infos.


  • Thank you for the feedback. That's irritating for the standby mode, but no one is nearby to wake up the flash.I have forwarded your massage to our engineering team for inspection. Hopefully, we will have firmware updates regarding to that issue.

    All the best.

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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