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I have a Nikon SB600 flash and Nikon D50 and Olympus Pen-F cameras.

Will a pair of V6 transceivers allow me to use the SB600 on both cameras?

I'm also slightly confused by the following on the product page:
"The V6 transceiver comes with a multi-system shoe that supports TTL pass through. With TTL pass-through, the TTL flashes behave as they would when directly connected to the camera hot shoe."
Then further down the same page:
  • Cactus V6 does not transmit TTL information wirelessly;
Does the second statement not contradict the first?

Apologies if this is just my lack of basic terminology.



  • The remote TTL is now available to SONY, FUJI and Sigma users. Soon will be available for Pentax. In the near future will be available for Olympus, Nikon and Canon.
    Please check this webpage:
    In the meantime, the original V6 (Mk1) will not have the remote TTL feature. This one work best with analogue TTL flashes.
    The new V6II work best with digital TTL flashes, like your Nikon SB600. And this one will have the remote TTL feature.
    Now to answer your question:
    The Cactus V6 and V6II are telling the flash: "Hey, I am a camera and I need you use this power level and this zoom head". The flash have no way to know that that orders come from a remote controller and not a real camera.
    The remote controller attached to your camera is telling the camera: "Hey, I am a flash, do your work".
    Until the X-TTL firmware is available, you are the one that are choosing manually  the flash settings.
  • To further answer your question, the TTL passthrough refers to the V6 unit passing the TTL information between the camera and the flash installed on the hotshoe on top of the same V6 unit, i.e. in an on-camera flash configuration.

    Wireless TTL isn't (and won't be) available on the V6.  It's coming for the V6 II, and is already available for certain camera manufacturers.
  • Thanks @lansa301 looks like it's the Mk2 that I'll want to get all the features!
    Cheers @paulster I now understand the difference between pass through and wireless!

    Thanks for the prompt responses.
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