TTL Pass-through works on Nissin i40 (M43) but no remote triggering

Just got the Nissin i40 for my Panasonic LX100.

The TTL pass-through works fine ( i40 on V6 on LX100 ), but the remote triggering doesn't.

The i40 can only be trigger in manual flash mode, doesn't like the Nikon SB400 works by assigning the SB600/Metz 36 profile, no matter which Panasonic or Olympus flash profile I assigned, the i40 couldn't be remote controlled or triggered and it doesn't support manual profiling.

Hope you guys can add the support to i40, as it's a very compact but powerful flash, perfect for adding side-light or back-light in photos. (Although I already got several SB400s serving such function, I don't mind adding one or few more i40s as they are really so compact and so easy to carry around.) Thank you very much.


  • May I help?

    We have studied the i40 for Olympus / Panasonic. Unfortunately, the i40 doesn't support profiling by the V6. You can trigger the i40 using the manual mode through the V6 , but not able to control the power wirelessly.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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