Cannot sync with SB-900

Problem with syncing with the SB-900. When I finish syncing in manual mode the v6 says to go back to TTL. The problem is that the SB-900 is stuck in A mode. WTF? Returning the three units I bought.


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    May I help?

    Just in case you are not aware the V6 has UNLOCK function in RX mode to the Nikon speedlite. To activate the UNLOCK, Press and hold [MENU] button will unlock the flash in RX mode. The LCD screen will show <FLASH UNLOCKED> instantly. Users would be able to adjust the setting on the flash. The flash will be locked again upon subsequent triggering. (Note: Press and hold [MENU] button in TX mode, which activates the TTL passthrough mode, will unlock the flash on V6 TX as well.)

    During the unlock, you can change the setting in SB-900 and set it back to TTL mode. This feature is available fromV6 firmware 1.0.156. You can check the existing version by turning off the V6, press and hold A + D button and switch the V6 to either Tx or Rx mode. The info will be shown on the display.

    In case you need to download the firmware updater, you can click below link to download,

    By the way, the V6 has a pre-loaded profile for SB-900. You can select it in the V6 menu under CHOOSE PROFILE.

    I hope that helps.

    Ray Chan

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