V6 pairing will not fire nikon SB-600

Hi, I have just bought 3 cactus V6s and I can not get them to fire my SB-600 flashes at all.  I have followed all the instructions, and the problem shooting guide, I have set the flash profile, set the channels and tried different ones, changed the batteries, and tried the short working range.   The flash fires when I press the test button on the V6 receiver that it is connected to, and when I change the power output on the transmitter it also changes on the receiver showing that they are connected, but when I press the test button on the transmitter no flash.  The Led on both goes orange when I half press the test button, and the Led on the transmitter goes green when I fully press it, but no green on the receiver.
Can you help?   I bought them yesterday and they are going back tomorrow if I can't get this working!


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    Does the LED turn green on the receiver when you don't have any flash mounted on it?

    Just to make sure that it isn't something simple: The group the receiver is assigned to must be active on the transmitter. I guess you have that part right, because otherwise the receiver wouldn't show an orange LED when you tap the test button on the transmitter.

    What mode is the SB-600 set to?
    It should be TTL mode to support power level control, but you can also try manual mode for testing purposes.
  • Another person uses the SB-600 with the V6 successfully.

    He has a different problem (power level not remembered through a power cycle) that will apparently be addressed in the next firmware update, but in principle he can use his SB-600 with the V6.
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    Just remembered one more thing: Make sure the transmitter is not in TTL pass-through mode, if you have an older firmware version (you can check the latter by pressing "A" and "D" while turning the V6 on).

    Apparently there is another bug in older firmwares (before V1.1.004) that can prevent an off-camera flash to fire if the V6 transmitter is in TTL pass-through mode.

    Have you updated to V1.1.004 yet?
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    Hello Jenny,

    We found a bug. The Nikon SB-600 doesn't function properly after switching off then on again. We will release the firmware to fix that problem soon.

    All the best.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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