Phottix Mitros for Canon fails triggering / errors

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I'm having some trouble with a pair of newly purchased Cactus V6s triggering my Phottix Mitros for Canon flash. When the V6 is used to set the Mitros to lower power settings (generally 1/8 and below), everything works fine. When I try to use the flash at higher power (usually 1/4 to 1/1), the flash starts behaving erratically. Triggering a shot at full 1/1 power, using my camera's shutter button, causes the flash to trigger fine. After that pop, however, the flash ready light remains illuminated, but the flash will not fire again. Pressing the shutter button, test button on the TX V6 trigger or on the RX V6 trigger all fail to trigger the flash. Other info:

  • The RX trigger is set to the Canon Phottix Mitros profile
  • The triggers still control the power level of the flash
  • Pressing the test button on the TX flash or the shutter button causes the RX LED to flash, so there is still a connection between the two triggers. It seems the flash is just failing to recharge / respond.
  • The triggers have the latest firmware
  • The flash has the latest firmware
Once the flash has gone non-responsive, the only ways to get it to start triggering again are to:

  • Turn the flash off and on again
  • Use the power dial on the TX V6 to lower the flash power. The flash's ready light will then go out. Pressing the shutter button or the test buttons will again fail to trigger the flash. However, after this failed pop, the ready light will come back on and the flash will once again function normally.
So basically, I set the flash to full 1/1 power using the V6 system, and it will fire once. Then it will fail to fire until I put the power down to 1/4, and press the test button. Putting the power down to 1/4 and pressing the test (or shutter button) seems to reset the flash, and it will recharge and fire normally. If I put it back up to 1/1 power and fire it after this, the cycle of non-response will repeat.

I think there's a problem with your Phottix Mitros for Canon profile. In further testing I put freshly charged batteries in the flash and the triggers and then set power to 1/8. I took multiple shots until the flash ready light went out. It then did not come back on until I used the triggers to switch between 1/16 and 1/8, pressing the shutter button randomly. It then caught up to but only after issuing a very, very long beep. This beep was far longer than the standard "Ready" beep that the flash usually emits. I've been using this flash without issue for over a year now using a sync cable, so I am 100% confident that the flash is not at fault. Depleting the capacitor when using cable sync has never caused the flash to stop responding; it just takes the regular 2-3 seconds to recharge.

Please advise any other troubleshooting steps I can take. The Cactus V6 triggers are advertised as compatible with the Phottix Mitros for Canon, so I would like to be able to use them, rather than have to return them.


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    That does sound frustrating! I have found someone else using this combination successfully so hopefully there is a simple fix.

    Could you tell me which firmware is currently installed on your V6? You can check this by holding A & D while turning the V6 on - it will display the firmware version on the screen.

    I've also emailed Cactus about this and will let you know what they suggest
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  • Firmware version is 1.0.185
  • Hello cwh

    That's sound inconvenience. Don't worry! Our engineering team has addressed the problem and making progress for firmware update. The release of the firmware will be available to download soon. Just give us few more days to finalize it.

    I'll keep you posted.

    All the best!

    Ray Chan

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    Harvest One Limited
  • Hi cwh,
    I just left you a massage in your inbox for follow-up. Please check.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Anxiously awaiting updated V6 firmware for Phottix Mitros. I have four (4) of these flashes and will buy more V6's once I see this working.

  • One additional question: Will the Mitros profile function with Mitros+ as well? I'm talking about Mitros+ on a V6 receiver, not Mitros+ radio compatibility. My four Mitros are actually 3 Mitros and 1 Mitros+.

  • No idea about the Mitros+, but I can confirm the beta firmware update they sent me to try has fixed all of the issues I was having. Once they release the stable update the V6 triggers will play nicely with the Cactus Mitros for Canon again.
  • Mitros+ appears to work from my basic testing of the beta firmware. The only thing to remember is to turn the Mitros+'s internal radio off through the in-flash menus. When its off, the Mitros+ appears to work like a regular Mitros.

  • Firmware V1.1.004 has been released.

    Both Phottix Mitros and Mitros+ are now officially supported (for Canon).
  • Thanks guys. 1.1.004 installed and everything looks to be working well.
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