V6II with Canon 6d + Godox QT600

can i get suggest about how to make this work. I wanna use HSS with my flash system.
My tools:
- Canon 6D
- Cactus V6 II
- Godox X1 (on the top of cactus)
- Godox QT 600

i see some video in youtube can do this, but all of it in fujifilm cameras.
Can I make it on canon camera? because i can found the forced HSS mode or learn HSS. (or its just for fuji cam?)


  • If you have QT600, you only need X1 on top of 6D but your QT600 must have the XTR16 receiver. Then set the strobe to full power, it will work but don't forget to set your 6D to HSS mode in the flash menu. 

    Forced HSS option was only for Fujifilm cameras. 
  • hai dfallsfilm, thx for the advice, i'll try it.
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