Canon 580EXII Master Mode

I have tried to use my Canon 580EXII on a V6 Recever and activate the Master option to controle my Canon 430EXII that was set on Slave.

I got two issues with the 580EXII on the V6

1- I can't put the Master mode on TTL. It needs to set the flash on manual mode and set the Manual flash mode in the V6. (When the flash is directly on my camera I don't have this issue and can controle my other flash no problem)

2- Once I have this setup above in place, my synch speed goes down to 125th of a second. 

note that I have the most recent firmware install in both my V6

Thank You


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    Hello EzMike

    Thank you for your feedback.

    To enable wireless control of flash through the V6, you need to set Canon 430II / 580EX II in TTL mode. On the V6 Rx unit, select a flash profile regarding to the flash that mounts on. Then, mount the V6 Tx unit on the top of camera's hotshoe to trigger other Rx units. 

    The V6 doesn't transmit TTL signal wirelessly. Hence, TTL function like auto-metering and high speed sync are not applicable.  If you wish to shoot faster than 1/125s, you will need a wireless TTL flash trigger.

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any question, just let me know.


  • let me explain the senario.

    I have two V6, one is on my camera and the other one mount to my 580. I am trying to set my 580 on TTL with the master mode enable to fire my 430 that is not connected to a V6. My 430 is set to slave and it's waiting for the 580 to send the signal.

    All of this works perfectly when the 580 sits on my camera, but when mount on a V6, I can't set TTL and master mode at the same time, it looks like Master mode is only available on the flash when it's set on Manual mode. (when mount on V6)

    My camera and my flashes can synch at 1/250sec normally. When I use only V6 without master mode, I can also synch at 1/250sec. But when I set Manual and master mode on the flash, my synch goes down to 1/125sec. If I use the same setting when the flash is on my camera, I have no problem with 1/250sec.

    Maybe this is a normal beavior, Might just go and buy a tird V6



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