Trigger not responding

I have one of my new 5 triggers that seems to have a defect, in the TX mode you can't De-Select the D Group and in the RX mode you can select A,B & C but not D .. I have tried to re-init, re-flash and each time the unit continues behave the same way, it appears to have a firmware defect. 

Is there a backdoor reset that I can attempt and if not where do I ship it to get it repaired, it's just a few days old.



  • Hello Miguel

    I'm sorry to hear the failure. Unfortunately, there is no backdoor reset. I would suggest to check for another firmware version and replace it by the exiting firmware. That may resolve the problem.

  • Ray, 

    Firmware downgrades don't work, re-flashing to current release doesn't work and in fact the D button appears to be dead as when I hold down A & D and turn on the device to check firmware it will not power up to the firmware mode. To me it's a bad unit. 

    Who do I contact to get it repaired / replaced, I need to get this unit back online fairly soon.

  • Where did you buy the V6? Maybe you can contact them for warranty.

    We offer one year warranty for all Cactus product, including your V6 if you buy it from . You can send it back for repair. Please contact their customer service at .

    Thank you.
  • Yes purchased from them and I will contact, thank you! 
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