Nikon Sb-910

Hello no matter which order I turn the fash or cactus on the go to A and only will fire at full power I have loaded the pre set for the flash in but no luck at all. I am using it on the xt-1 but I tried on my d800 same problem


  • Have you selected the flash profile for Nikon SB-910 on the Cactus V6? To do that, please go to MENU, then CHOOSE PROFILE to Nikon SB-910. Each flash has to be assigned to a correct flash profile at the first time in order to let V6 wirelessly control the flash power.

    I hope this is helpful. Just let us know if you have further concern.

    Thank you!
  • I had to update the cactus so it is working ok I have noticed tho that when it says 1/1 it is flashing at 1/2 I checked it with all my sb 910 anything I can do to get all the power .
  • Also I can't alter the mm so it is always 200 mm which is fine out side but I want to put it in a soft box I would normal put it to 24 mm so how can I do this
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    I understand the Nikon SB-910 locks on a V6 which is probably why you cannot change the zoom. However, the V6 has an "unlock" feature (since V1.0.156).

    Press and hold the menu button in RX mode and the flash will be unlocked (a respective message appears once you have pressed long enough). You should then be able to change the zoom setting.

    BTW, how do you know the flash is firing at 1/2 power when "it says 1/1"? Is the flash stating "1/1" or are you talking about the V6 displaying "1/1"? I don't know whether the SB 910 actually changes the power level display when controlled by the V6. Perhaps someone using the same model can chime in, otherwise, I'm sure admin will be back soon.
  • I have had the camera on a tripod I used the flash with my old triggers and a light meter and got the power reading off that and then checked with the cactus and the reading was the same as the reading off my old triggers at 1/2 when the cactus says 1/1 thank you for your help
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    Good news!

    We have addressed the problem about the incorrect brightness at 1/1/ on Nikon 910. The next firmware updates will have it fixed. It will be available within this week.

  • That's great thank you for your help
  • Awesome! The latest firmware (V1.0.173) is just uploaded. It is available to download and update via the Cactus firmware updater.

    In this firmware, we have recalibrated the flash power output in the profiles of Nikon SB-910, SB-900 and SB-700.

    We even added two new functions in this update: Selection dial lock and Group sequence. Selection dial lock function prevents unintended turning of the selection dial and its consequence in affecting the power levels being set unintentionally, the dial can now be locked.

    Group sequence allows to trigger flashes in series. This can fire flash(es) of group A at the first time, then B and so on. A new cycle will start after the last group, it will be back to first group and keep looping. Another series will restart at group A when there is no triggering event in 2 seconds. This function comes with two options, A-B-C-D and AB-CD, at the user's convenience.
  • I still have the same problem. I have all correct settings in both the receiver and transmitter units. The one paired with the Phottix Mitros (Canon) works fine. However, the one for the SB910 is still not pumping out the selected power output in the transmitter (i.e., set the SB910 to 1/128 in M mode on the flash, selected SB910 profile in the V6, correct channels and groups in the transceivers). I have updated the units to the latest firmware version and still same problem.
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    ... (i.e., set the SB910 to 1/128 in M mode on the flash, ...)
    You need to set the SB-910 to TTL mode.

    In M mode, it will just fire at 1/128 (or whatever power you set manually).

    The V6 can only control the power level of the SB-910 if the latter is set to TTL mode.

    Hope I didn't misread your description.
  • Thanks for the info. Tested it and works like a charm. So far Cactus V6 answers my biggest need - adjusting power in all manual glory without moving from my camera position. Thanks again. Now if they could add zooming as well to the Tx Controls. hehe.
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    Now if they could add zooming as well to the Tx Controls. hehe.
    The V6 can remote control the zoom settings of RF60 flashes. :D
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