V5 on 5D MK III

Hi there. First I want to apologize that I am flash challenged, so forgive me if these are dumb questions. I've watched videos, read manuals, googled, to no avail. I have a Canon 5D MK III. I have 3 Cactus V5 . I also have 2 - 430 EX II flashes. I'm trying to have the flashes on light stands (with V5's on Rx) and just have the transceiver ( on Tx) ON the camera. Do I need a cord to connect the V5 while on the 5Ds hot shoe mount? I don't want a flash on my camera. Hope this makes sense. Laymans terms please!  :)


  • You don't need a cord.

    Just push the V5 into the hot-shoe of your camera and set it to "Tx" mode.

    The only detail you may need to pay attention to is to not exceed the sync-speed of your camera when using the V5 (or any manual flash).

    In other words, don't set your shutter speed faster than 1/250s and you should be OK.

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