V6 can go beyond limitation of 4 groups

If the multi-channel feature of the V5 can be incorporated in the V6, then the number of combinations that can be controlled by the v6 can be increased significantly.  Even if the channels for each channel is limited to 5, that would give a combination of 20 instead of 4.  This would allow the V6 to turn on and off many more flashes in different placements in addition to their power.

I don't understand why the group feature cannot independently be set to different channels.  This alone will allow the V6 to be the master transmitter in a setup that also includes V5 triggers set to different channels.  Can this be done with a firmware upgrade? 


  • Hi Jaime,

    It is possible, but not using your multi-channel idea.  All the V6 needs to run on the same channel for them to sync at the same time.

    The major restriction is the four group buttons.

    It is hardware we need to work around, and we can do so by creating a second page of the LCD showing the power (or zoom) settings on the four groups. However I would imagine this would massively slow down the speed of adjusting the groups, and affects the overall user experience. So probably not preferred.

    Now, instead of resorting to software (firmware) help, here's a different take on the hardware side... mounting a second V6 as transmitter. I saw this from another V6 user, NFG Photo:

    But thanks for asking the question here, it makes us think...

    Are there many others out there who are dying for more than four (4) flash groups?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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  • How about adding a second page function in firmware?  Add an * function that turns the groups A,B,C,D  into D, E, F, G (or A*, B*, C*, D*).  that gives an additional four channels.  So choosing between the first four and the second four groups is just a setting away without the inconvenience of stacking transmitters. Of course, stacking a second V6 transmitter would add 8 more groups.
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