What are the differences between the Cactus V6 and TTL flash triggers?

What are the differences between the Cactus V6 and TTL flash triggers such as the Pocket Wizard Flex / Mini TT5 system?

The Cactus V6 is cross brand manual flash trigger that supports both Nikon, Canon and Pentax system flashes. So unlike TTL flash triggers, there isn't a specific brand version. You can mix and match your camera and flash systems and still do remote power control. 

The V6 supports TTL pass-through for on-camera flash, but for remote (off-camera) flash units, the V6 does not transmit any TTL signals wirelessly.  So there is no automatic metering information. The V6 only needs flashes with TTL flashes that runs on Canon, Nikon and Pentax system to be able to control them, but no actual TTL signals are sent nor received.

Remote power control is also much faster than any flash triggers out there as of May 2014. Using a combination of an adjustment scroll dial and dedicated group buttons, you can adjust the power as quick as you think, literally. The integrated LCD panel shows all the power levels at all times.  It can even display the exact EV value, or the light intensity, of what each flash is emitting. So it is a very precise device, perfect for photographers who are serious about lights.
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