A solution to v6 problem

edited October 2015 in V6 Suggestions
Hi guys and lady's I have found the solution why most of your Fuji cameras are having problems with the v6 cactus and not firing in ttl pass through and so on in similar cases, the V6 cactus all vary in the slightest tolerances in the pin shapes and shoes it's very tiny but makes a huge difference weather it slides in or not and thus some are difficult to slide in to your camera to say the least ,I bought two identical transceivers one slides in perfectly the other you need to bench 100 kg to make it fit and as a result it has stripped my X series brand new cameras of the paint on the hot shoe ,
The solution is make sure you have seated the v6 all the way in sometimes you may think you have but in actual fact you haven't and that's where the problems start ,I am really upset that such a great transceiver lacks correct machining measurements from factory in making all cactus v6 hot shoes the same ,they are not ,don't worry about the stripped paint on your hot shoe just use the V6 that's the easiest to slide in on your camera and mark it as your camera transceiver only.cheers and I understand your frustration my beautiful fujis are scratched but only on the hot shoe but I'll replace it.....maybe (it's been really getting to me to be honest) "cactus please pay attention to your machining at the factory I've done the research and that's the only problem thanks love the product except for that major problem of the tightest fit"
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