TTL Passing Through on SB910

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i'm wondering why my nikon D200 is not passing through the informations of my camera. I have:


  • one SB910 Flash mounted on an
    V6 RX (latest firmware, SB910 Profile)
  • one V6 TX mounted on my
    camera and set to TTL Pass-trough mode ( (latest firmware, SB910 Profile)


When I change the aperture or the ISO on my camera, nothing happens on the flash. I can trigger
it and remotely control the power, but the LCD-Screen of the flash unit remains
locked and does not show the new Aperture/ISO information.  Is this normal?


Thanks in advance
for your response.


  • What you see is normal.

    The TTL pass-through option only works for flashes that are mounted on the on-camera V6 transmitter. The V6 system does not transmit TTL data via radio.
  • Thank you for the answer !
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