Cactus V5 keeps on triggering


I have a setup that gives me problems and I can't find the cause: 

Canon 5d mk III (and mk II as well) with a cactus V5 on the hotshoe mount and cable connected to the N3 port and a Speedlite 580EX II with a cactus V5.  Once I make one photo (in burst mode) it keeps on firing and won't stop until I shut down the camera. When I make a single photo it just gets stuck and I can't autofocus for another photo. 

I've changed batteries and tried all different channels, connecting first and then turn on the camera and flash but I can't seem to find the problem. 

I this a problem that sounds familiar? 


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    May I help?

    When you mound the V5 on the camera hotshoe, you don't need to have a cable connected to the sync port. I guess that is why the V5 keeps on triggering until your camera is stopped.

    Hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

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  • Hi Ray!

    Thanks for the quick answer! That was indeed the what was causing it, I got confused with making a wireless remote instead of a wireless flash setup. Now I know again. 
    Thanks for the help, your customer support is awesome!

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