Cactus V6 + Nikon SB700 on FLASH ZOOM

Hi All

I have a set of the cactus v6 triggers. I got everything set up ready to use in manual as well as ttl.  Just one issue.

When I am using this flash on M or TTL with the cactus, I cannot change the zoom of the flash.  It either goes to 70mm or 120mm.  I try to change it before telling the v6 to use this flash and it immediately goes to 70mm or 120.  Its way too focussed and I cannot back it up when the triggers are all hooked up. HELP ME PLEASE!


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    Did you try the unlock functionality?

    Press and hold the menu button on the V6 receiver until it displays that the flash has been unlocked.

    Then you should be able to adjust the zoom setting of the flash.
  • Please make sure you have the latest firmware to enable the UNLOCK functionality. Just in case you need to check the firmware, press and hold the A + D button and turn the V6 to Tx  / Rx mode from OFF position. The info will be shown on the display.

    The latest firmware is 1.1.007 and the updater is available to download in this page,

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