V6 ii Trigger jammed on Hotshoe

Hi. I have recently experienced that I have not been able to remove the trigger from the hot shoe. I tried using the locking tab under the front of the trigger to no avail. I decided to dismantle the trigger. This is an easy procedure. 4 screws holding the body together and 3 screws holding the hot shoe mounting to the camera.Putting it back together is a whole different story taking patience. Anyway my finding was 1 - the locking tab ISN'T pushed in, it should be pushed up into the housing. 2 - i found that the locking lever when turned to release pushes the tab up into the housing which in turn lifts the locking pin out of the hot shoe hole. My trigger is 3 years old and has had some work. I have found the plastic tab is now soft from work and it just bends which results in the pin not being lifted. I will be checking with Cactus for spare parts availability. Thankyou
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