V6ii wont fire Panasonic G9 as remote trigger

HI, anyone have any tips on remote triggering camera shutter using V6 ii?
Am new to Cactus having switched to Panasonic (after 2+ decades shooting Nikon + Pocket Wizards). Got the RF60x units to work TTL/HSS etc fine with the Lumix G9 (but only after finding the hack of removing the hot shoe spring plate on the Lumix G9 -after 3 hours of being baffled why TTL HSS wouldnt work first!).
However, cannot get the G9 shutter to fire using the pair of V6ii as remote triggers (one TX and one RX connected to G9 release port with SC-Pan cable). Both V6 ii illuminate orange & green to show signal sent & received but the RX doesnt fire the camera (except randomly & sporadically when the cable is not pushed into V6ii completely), but nothing when completely inserted into the V6ii socket. (Cable is new and camera port both OK as I can use old pocket wizards to trigger G9 using the same SC-Pan cable).
Any info on possible causes of this problem? Is it possible the V6 ii ports are not working (both are second hand (but mint) as no new stock was available last few months in UK - seems odd neither will trigger whichever one I use as RX and TX though). Any help appreciated.
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