Fijifilm XT-2 with EF-X500 & Canon 430 EX

Firmware cactus: V62.A.001
First problem:The Cactus triggers the flash, but no TTL (nor for the Fuji flash or for my Canon flash) even though the TX is set on TTL pass through. Manual settings work perfectly.
Second problem: As soon as I force HSS the Fuji flash does not fire at all. The Canon does fire, but to early so there is no flash visual on the photo.
Those were the two functionalities I bought the Cactus triggers for in the first place. It seemed ideal to have one system to trigger my fuji flashes and mij Canon flash all at once, but if this functions don't work I'd better send al 4 triggers back. Please help, because if I can get it to work properly it would be the perfect system for me!

Kind regards
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