Clarification needed

edited March 2020 in V6 II Problems
I have recently bought two V6 II units with the hope that I could use my Fujitsu XT-20 camera with my Canon 580 EX II Speedlite flash unit.
Both V6 II units firmware has been updated to the latest Fujitsu version (FUJI.A.004)
I think I have properly configured the camera TX as well as the flash RX however, I cannot get my flash to behave as I was expecting, i.e. I was expecting the zoom’s flash to be automatically changed as I make changes in my len’s zoom or in the camera exposure. That does not seem to happen. When in TTL mode, I am able to manually update the zoom of the flash unit through the V6 II TX connected to the camera as well as the flash power but I was expecting that to happen automatically as I make changes to the exposure in the camera or the lens zoom. Is that the way it works or did I miss something?
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