rf60 trigger v6ii af light, etc


will an rf60 trigger the v6ii af light? i can't seem to do it. v6ii af light works great on camera(pentax k-1ii) and will trigger off camera rf60. if not will an rf60x trigger the v6ii af light?

secondary question. is it a white led behind a red filter, or red led behind a red filter?

second secondary question: i've been having problems switching between transmitters. i have 3 v6, 1 v6ii, and 3 rf60. theoretically i should be able switch on any single v6/v6ii and control all the rf60 at once as long as they're on the same channel, but i've been having trouble with this. seems like some v6/rf60 are paired to eachother? everything has the latest firmware.


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