Which firmware??? It is so confusing!

Hi. I'm thinking of purchasing a v6II. I already have 2 v5 which work great with all my flashes. I currently have a Cactus RF60, Nikon Sb-700 and a Neewer.

I want the V6II so I can use HSS. I have no idea if it will even work! I think it might if I update the firmware, but will I then mess it up? Do the V5's work with the V6II? I've read some folks have issues.

Is it a problem that I have 3 different brands of flashes? This is more confusing than it needs to be!
Should I get the V6II?


  • The most recent firmware of V6 II will not work with V5. V5 would only work with the legacy firmware as shown in this table.

    It depends on what would you like to achieve.

    If you just need triggering within x-sync, the V5 would serve the purpose.

    If you wish to control the power level within x-sync, the V6 will serve this purpose.

    If you wish to control the power level based on the camera's TTL calibration, to sync within AND above the x-sync, you need the V6 II as the transmitter and receivers for each of the flash (except the RF60 which comes with a built in V6 receiver).

    With the proper firmware, the V6 II can work with your V5 as well. In each of the case above, you can command all the flashes from different brands with just one transmitter.
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