Stacking CactusV6 and a Godox Trigger

Question I have is I have a number of Cactus V6 triggers that work with my Pentax and 2 Cactus flashes flashes but I have a new Godox AD200Pro. I also have the new XProP Godox trigger to control the new flash. My question is, since the Cactus trigger has a hot show, could I possibly stack the two triggers on top of each other and be able to control the multiple flashes directly from the camera? So put the cactus trigger on first them the Godox trigger on 2nd? The only thing I am not sure of is if the Godox trigger would get a fire message through the Cactus trigger.

Reason I want to do it is that in some cases I will have the Cactus flashes on low power to rebound faster in back ground light but would like to have the control over the power settings directly at the camera. I thought i might make it easier.

The other way I thought woudl be to use a Sync cable between the Godox trigger and the cactus trigger but I am not sure if the Cactus trigger, if set in transmission mode would get activated that way.

Thank you



  • Stacking may work in many instances, although we have not experimented with your setup. Stacking works on Profoto TTL triggers and Godox X1 triggers in our experiences.

    In TX mode, the X-sync port would work as your described. However, without hot shoe connection, please set the Cactus transmitter in Manual camera system so that it does not require the camera info in the process.
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