Help. I accidentally put the v6 II on the pentax backwards and it’s really stuck

As the title says I accidentally slid the v6 on backwards and it seems permanently stuck.


  • I got it off. I don’t know if I’ll ever get this cactus back together though. Omg. So many springs.
  • Tip: don’t plug this on a pentax camera backwards. It’s a bad time.
  • There is a safety pin for unlock in our design of the V6 hot shoe.

    Viewing from the front (from the camera lens orientation), you will find a little pin on top of the locking ring on the hot shoe structure (see attached). Use a pen or anything pointed to press that pin inward will unlock the locking pin from the hot shoe. You will then be able to slide the locking ring as you usually do and release the V6 from the camera.

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