Using V6 II with more than 4 flashes, with different power

Hello Everyone,
at the present I got two flashes Cactus RF60X, but I want to purchase at least five of them.
Cactus V6 II is capable to control any number of flashes, but only four groups.
I'm searching a methot to use more than four flashes with different power, I've tried to stack two Cactus V6 II set on channels 1 and 2, but the second V6 II shoots with a delay.
I'd like to know if Cactus V4 mounted on TTL pass-through is compatible with Cactus RF60X, or there is another solution to control a RF60X in manual mode.
Thank you )


  • V4 runs on 433MHz while our V5, V6 series and RF60 series all run on 2.4GHz, and thus it cannot trigger the equipment you have.

    We haven't tried your solution. But since channel 1 to 5 runs on exactly the same RF frequency, they will interfere with each other. Although it is out of the spec, you may try again your setup with Channel 1 and Channel 16. The channels of the V6 series are arranged in an order of RF frequency. The bigger the differences between the channel number, the more distance between these channel in RF frequency and thus causes the less interference with each other.

    Having said that, since all 16 channels are in the 2.4GHz, there are still chances that it won't work at all. In any event, Channel 1 and 2 are doomed to fail. It worth a try with Channel 1 and 16.

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    Thank you, I've just tested two V6 II set on different channels 1 & 16 and a delay happens if I shoot with the test button of the first V6 II, but if I shoot with a camera it works pefectly. Since I have my DSLR on sensor cleaning service, I've tried to shoot both with a sync cable on an Soviet camera and with a B.I.G. photocell trigged by Canon G7X II's integrated flash. Surprisingly, such a compact camera is capable to synchronize itself up to 1/1000 s. I'll say the last word when I had tested two stacked V6 II with my DSLR.

    Can I buy a V5 to be used on TTL pass-through, expecting no interferences and no delay?
    "Cactus V5 also supports basic flash triggering on the RF60X but does not support power and zoom level control on the RF60X"
  • V5 works in the same 16 channel with the V6 series. The interference you experienced with two V6 will also happen with a V5. We do not think it is a good alternative.
  • Hi.. I have the v5 units and they work 100% of the time, that's why I am really interested in the v6. I know it's not ttl, but being able to change the power remotely sounds very interesting. I like the fact that they are working on an Olympus solution. In my opinion, they don't look like cactus they aren't built like cactus and absolutely don't work like cactus.
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