V6II and Sigma fp


I tried Cactus V6II and "Sigma fp".

Firmware SIG.A.004 can be triggered from the camera.
but I have to set CAMERA SYSTEM to OTHERS, it does not support TTL.

I'm really happy if Cactus V6II supports Sigma fp.
This camera is drawing more attention than any previous Sigma cameras.


  • Hello tateisu,

    The flash protocol of Sigma fp is very different from the its predecessors. Even Sigma EF-630 does not work with fp is supporting HSS. I'm afraid there is nothing that we could do to accommodate the fp in firmware now.

    Meanwhile, since the fp runs at different flash protocols, please use MANUAL camera system when working with fp. You may then still adjust the manual flash power below x-sync (yes, I know it is the 1/30s that is very hard to put with).

    Cactus Support Team
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