Leica & Cactus

I have two RF60's and One RF60X plus FLASH TRANSCEIVER V6 II. I have been using it for Fuji. I have recently bought a Leica Q2. Is there any way to use this set up on the Leica? I know it won;t do ttl but will I be able to sync thes flash units and fire them with the V6II in manual mode and be able to adjust the flash power by using the V6II controls? Also any plans to bring Leica support, after joining the Leica forum I see that about 75% of the users are looking for a flash solution.


  • As long as you don't exceed the sync-speed of the camera, the V6II should work on any camera (including remote power control). You won't get TTL nor HSS, though.
  • I'm afraid that we have no plan to bring Leica support currently. Sorry about that.
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