No zoom setting after updateback

I updated my Cactus V6 and my RF60 to the latest firmware (V6 V61.A.003 and RF60 A07) After the update the zoom function controle does not work. I have 2 V6 transceivers and both have the same issu. Please help me on this one.
Also when I press and hold the wheel on the back it goes on "dial locked" that is good. But as soon as you press the wheel only one click the dail lock is of. I don't know if this is normal but my preference would be if it only unlock after a press and hold like it does when you put it on dail locked.

I would to appreciate your help.


  • Please go to the MENU -> SUB-MENU -> SWAP CONTROL to choose Zoom, and you would be able to control the zoom setting by pressing the OK button once.
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