V6ii Compatibility with AD200, controlling the power remotely from Tx

I have plugged in my V6ii (Rx) via a 3.5 mm sync cable into the AD200 - it works and fires. However I don't appear to have any control over the power output of the AD200 from the V6ii Tx. Is this normal? I understand that TTL doesn't work, but I expected Manual to work. Have I got my setting on the Tx and Rx wrong or something (not sure what flash setup setting I should choose, but tried a few)? I've tried everything I can think of, but I still have no control and have to adjust the AD200 manually on its own dials. Has anyone any suggestions please?


  • I believe that the 3.5mm sync port on the AD200 only provides triggering so you would need to set the power manually directly on the AD200 as you are doing now.

    For remote power control, you most likely would need to look into Godox's triggers, the older FT-16 + FT-16R plugged into the AD200, the newer XT-16, which I believe would directly communicate with the AD200's radio, or go a step higher to a TTL trigger setup. If there are compatibility issues, some people have had success stacking triggers on the V6 II and using the cactus to "interpret" different flash languages.


    Another potential option mentioned in that thread that doesn't involve stacking triggers would be to add the FT-16 + FT-16R trigger set, plug the FT-16R into the AD200 and just use the FT-16 handheld to set the power, but still have triggering come from the 3.5mm sync via Cactus V6-II.
  • Just to confirm: Yes, you cannot achieve remove power level control via a 3.5mm sync-cable.

    Just adding receivers to the AD200's already built-in receiver won't help unless one uses a Godox trigger. However, if one does the latter, why not choose one that works with the built-in receiver in the AD200? This applies to both using the Godox trigger for triggering or just manual power control.
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