Godox TT350P on Pentax, No HSS on RX V6 II

Recently acquired a Godox TT350P to serve as a second flash in my Pentax K-1 setup. The Godox TT350P is listed as a Pentax TTL + HSS compatible flash. I am not using the radio function of the Godox. All firmware are up to date: Godox (v1.2), Cactus V6 II (PEN.A.005)

I had been using a RF60x as the primary flash and a Pentax AF360FGZ on a Cactus V6 II receiver, both triggered by a Cactus V6 II. The TT350P would replace the Pentax AF360FGZ in my kit as it is smaller and lighter.

TT350P on K-1 hotshoe (no V6 II) - TTL, TTL adjustments, HSS, auto zoom head all work
TT350P on TX V6 II w/TTL passthrough - TTL, TTL adjustments, HSS, auto zoom head all work
TT350P on RX V6 II - TTL, TTL adjustments work, remote manual power work. HSS and auto zoom head do not work.

The HSS mode on the TT350P is turned on (also doesn't work with it turned off). On increasing shutter speed to where HSS is needed, the TX V6 II confirm HSS mode. The RF60x will work fine with HSS. When taking the first HSS shot, the TT350 will fire, but only it will not be synched with the shutter (probably timed with pre-flash) which will not show in the image. All subsequent images, the flash will not fire at all.

Not really a dealbreaker right now since the (weaker GN 36) AF360FGZ/TT350P is almost always be used under the sync speed. Just wanted to report that there is appears to be some incompatibility somewhere.
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