6D + V6 + Metz 52 Af-1 = Not firering

Hi I have set up everything correctly, if I use the test button on the V6 I can see both light, Orange and Green and the flash fire. If I mount the TX on the 6D and take a picture, the green light flash but the Metz doesnt fire.
I try to set the flash in Manual mode and the flash fire.

On my flash normally I see ETTL, if I go to the flash menu, I see a Blank mode that result to show only TTL on the LCD, if I move to see the other option (master, slave .....) the blank mode disapear and I can't see TTL anymore.

Can I say that my problem came from my flash ?

I have installer the last firmware on both device,

Flash FW: 2.0
V6 FW= V61....


  • V6 does not support e-TTL, a digital TTL mode that requires constant communications with the camera. On the flash manual, please select the "Blank" mode that shows only the TTL on the LCD. That TTL mode is the analogue TTL that V6 uses to command the power of the flash.

    Please try and let us know if it works.

    Best regards,
    Cactus Support Team
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