Flashes are triggered before or after camera is triggered

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I connected a Cactus V6 trigger on my Nikon D600 and when I trigger the Cactus Laser everything works fine.

But now I also added a flash on a V6 trigger and another flash on a V5 trigger. Both flashes are triggered when the laser is intercepted together with the camera.

But it looks that both flashes are triggered too early or too late so my photos are still too dark. Is there something I should change to synchronize them? How can I test what is going wrong?


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    All tips are appreciated
  • You need to use a different channel for the on-camera unit and the remote receivers. If you use channel 1 for the LV5, use channel 6 or higher for the other units.

    Currently, the LV5 is directly triggering every device. That leads them to be fired too early.

    You want every device to be triggered by the on-camera V6 and hence need a different communication channel.

    Hope this helps.
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    The current unit on my camera is in "receive" mode. So, I have to put a second unit on my camera that is in "transmit" mode with channel 6? And also change the channel of the receivers with the flashes to 6.
  • @scipbe

    Sorry, earlier I saw your image on a small phone only and didn't notice that the on-camera trigger was used as a receiver to trigger the camera.

    There are three options:
    1. Connect the LV5 receiver to your camera directly via a shutter-release cable. Then you can use the on-camera trigger in Tx mode. This will limit the positioning of the LV5, though.
    2. Use another trigger so that you can use one as a receiver(in Rx mode) to receive the signal from the LV5 and then trigger the camera, and the other in Tx mode to trigger the flashes.
    3. Use the trigger you have in "RELAY" mode. Put it in "Rx" mode but configure it to use "RELAY" mode. Set it to channel 6. Set the LV5 to channel 5. You can use other channels, but the LV5 channel number must always be one lower than that of the V6 and I would avoid both channels to be in the range 1-5.

      Using relay mode, the on-camera trigger will listen to radio signals from the LV5 and after receiving a trigger signal, it will i) trigger the camera, and ii) then temporarily switch to "Tx" mode to wait for a trigger signal from the camera. As soon as the latter occurs, the on-camera trigger will trigger the remote flashes and then iii) will return to use "Rx" mode again (waiting for the next trigger from the LV5).
    Hope this helps.
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