Triggering Profoto B1 (or perhaps ANY studio strobe) with Cactus V6 via 3.5mm (male to male) cable.

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I have a Cactus V6 in Rx mode connected to a Profoto B1 via 3.5mm sync cable.

The V6 does not trigger the B1 (which is in the appropriate mode to allow such).

Sync cable is not the issue as a Profoto Air Remote connected with the same cable works perfectly.

The V6 LED illuminates each time the test button is pressed, yet no sync (trigger) is actuated on the B1.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you!


  • What you press the V6 TX test button, doesn't the V6 RX gets triggered? It'll be shown with a green LED light on the V6 RX.
    Ray Chan

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