Can you V6II>RF60X(Master)>RF60X(Slave)?

I want to put two RF60X's in a softbox, but I am concerned about misfires. I do professional events and seem to suffer quite a few misfires, I am pretty sure it might be down to battery type used (Ni-MH more unreliable than Alkaline).
But ignoring that fact for a moment, when two speedlights are in a softbox and I am working in tricky bright lighting conditions, tying to use the flashes at max 1/1 power but also acting more as a fill than key, it is annoying if you are configuring things and are not entirely convinced both flashes are firing, and this mucks me around.
When I have the flashes apart from one another (such as using their own diffuser umbrellas, I can see when one fires and the other doesn't. Sometimes the other will just give up indefinitely and need powered off, sometimes it's 7 shots in a row, then decides to cooperate and come back on and behave.

Point is that when they are in a softbox I can't get visual cues to what's going on, and my current level experience is not adequate enough to know exactly what is going on. So I'd rather take a shot and absolutely no flash fires at all, or flash fires, but limit the amount of occasions one flash fires and the other doesn't.

What I have done in the past is have one RF60X as Group A, and another as Group C, I realise now I could make both on Group A. However I am still anxious about getting misfires from that set up.

Is it possible to get the V6ii to trigger (send signal) to only one RF60x (master) and that this RF60x unit then tells the other RF60x (slave) unit to fire? I feel if I could manage that rig then I would likely encounter more moments when nothing fires at all or indeed both fire successfully. Thoughts?




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    You cannot put one in master mode so that it fires the second unit (after being triggered via radio).

    You could configure the second one as an optical slave, so that it always fires when the neighbouring flash fires.

    However, I'd just put them into the same group (say "A"). This worked fine for me many times. You'll notice when you miss half the power.
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