Nikon D810; Godox AD200; Nikon SB910

I am a realtor who takes interior photos for the houses I list for sale. I want to use off camera flash.

1. My camera (Nikon D810) is on manual and on a tripod focused for the shot

2. My Godox AD200 is in my hand because I want to walk around the room popping the flash at the ceiling

3. My Nikon SB910 is on a tripod located in an adjacent room in order to light that room

What do I need:

4. To place in the hot shoe of my Nikon 810 to make all of it work together, assuming it will?

5. To be able to make the AD200 (it has a built-in receiver) fire without walking over and physically pressing the shutter on the camera?

6. To get the Nikon SB910 to fire in the adjacent room?

7. How do I set up the suggested equipment?

I have tried to explain this as best I know how. I am new at using this type of needed equipment so if you can help me with putting it all together, I would be very grateful. Thank you.


  • The Cactus flash transceiver, including V6, only work with our own brand product. It cannot fire the Godox AD200 with its built-in receiver. It needs to use a sync cable to connect another V6 as a receiver through the sync terminal. There is no remote power level for type of connection.

    Nikon SB-910 works fine with V6, includes all function like remote power control.

    You need to have one Cactus V6 as a transmitter on camera top, while having another V6 as a receiver for each flash.

    I hope that help.

    p.s. I guess I replied you by email.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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