How do I use 2 RF60 off camera with a V6?


How do I use 2 RF60's off camera with a V6?

Do I need to be putting my V6 in TLL mode?

I have seen some people attach a V6 to the camera and the flash? I normally just attach one to the camera.

Is there a step by step idiots guide as I have previously had problem and want to made sure I'm not missing anything out or not flicking switch somewhere

Thank you



  • Please a V6 on camera and set it to TX mode. TX stands for transmitter mode. The RF60 has to be in S mode (slave mode) for receiving signal from the V6 TX unit.

    You don't need to activate TTL in the V6. Actually, it's TTL pass-through mode, which is designed for a TTL flash that is directly mounted on the V6 TX unit top.

    You can find the V6 user manual in the product page,

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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