RF60x only ready to fire when turned ON

I recently bought a RF60x to be triggered by my V6II. Was very fast disappointed to realize the flash is even not firing ON camera.(and sure not OFF camera neither).
When i turn it on, the red light (ready to fire) is immediately RED... for fez seconds and then turn OFF. During the moment it is RED i can fire it.,,but not after.
Furthermore, when i let the flash ON, after a while, the light turns RED again...for few seconds. The batteries symbol blinks few seconds than if fix and full.
I add the fact he 4 batteries are brand new.

I was happy to keep on discovering CACTUS product....maybe should I not.
Camera : PENTAX K1


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    The RF60X will fire on your K-1's hot-shoe as long as your shutter speed does not exceed 1/200s (and the RF60X is in "L" mode). However, its main utility is as an off-camera flash, controlled by the V6II (in "S" mode).

    The ready light should not turn itself off after a while. It looks like you've got a defective unit.
    You could try a factory reset and a different set of batteries before returning the RF60X to your dealer.
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