HSS issue: Nikon D750 + Cactus v6 II + Hensel Integra Mini 600

Hi guys,

I'm new to the forum and hopefully I don't break 15 rules by posting here.

I really need your help with the following issue:

So, as the subject mentions, I am using a Nikon D750 body trying to fire on HSS 2 x Hensel Integra Mini 600 using 3 cactus v6 II (1 on TX and 2 on RX). The transmitters work fine at 1/200 but after that I am catching the curtain as it closes (for ex. at 1/400 etc.) - black band at the bottom of the picture.
I've rechecked the Hensel Mini 600 specifications and they state very clear that the flashes go up until 1/1100s
The RX cactus are connected to Hensel flashes via sync cord.

And this is how my wasted 3 hours begin.
I think I've watched like 20 youtube videos about the subject and I think I've tried countless variants without success. Here's the few things I did:

1. I've upgraded the firmware (via updater) to all 3 cactus transmitters to Nikon's latest firmware (the one with the A in the name). I set the TX on both Normal HSS or Power Sync and the RX to Flash setup : Auto. Didn't work.
2. I've updated the 3 cactus transmitters to the latest Multi Brans HSS firmware thinking that might do the trick. Again, I set the TX on both Normal HSS or Power Sync and the RX to Flash setup : Auto. Didn't work.
3. I've updated only 1 transmitter (TX) to Nikon firmware and left the other 2 transmitters (RX) on Multi Brand HSS software. Same setting as above, didn't work.
4. Because I've ran out of options I even tried mouting a Fuji firmware to them and tried the "Learn HSS" option. Of course it didn't work.

So, I really have no ideea how to make the HSS work in this setup. Please help me with this because I don't want to be stuck at 1/200s :).
Let me know if additional info is need.



  • Your problem is that the Hensel Integra Mini 600 are not capable of producing HSS bursts.

    Your D750 has a focal plane shutter that requires long flash durations when shutter speeds exceed 1/200s. The 1/1100s spec for the Hensel strobe is irrelevant in this scenario (and applies to its lowest power setting only).

    Your best bet given your equipment is to set the V6II transmitter to "POWER SYNC" and use the Hensel strobe at its maximum power setting. I'm assuming the Integra Mini is an IGBT strobe in which case its flash duration will be the longest at its highest power setting.

    You can also try to experiment with the Power Sync timing adjustment on the V6II transmitter.
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