LV5 laser trigger Transceiver V6-2S


When using LV5 laser trigger and V6-2S on my Sony 99-2, is this couple working or do I need the V5?


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    What do you mean exactly by "V6 IIS on my Sony"?
    That seems to suggest that you want to use the V6 II for triggering other lights and this may cause complications (see below).

    To answer a very related question: Yes, the LV5 can trigger a V6 II unit.

    You could try the "relay" mode of the V6II. In any event, there is no need to involve a V5.
  • Thanks for reaction. By V6 IIS, on my Sony I mean that V6 triggers the shutter of my Sony camera. I do understand that the V6 II can't be at the same time RX and TX, but I thought to put on the same canal the WIRELESS FLASH RF60X. So the LV5 fires the RF60X and triggers my Sony camera by V6IIS.
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    jm2 said:

    I do understand that the V6 II can't be at the same time RX and TX, ...

    Well, it can when you put it in "relay" mode. It would then be in Rx mode per default and upon receiving a trigger signal, it would release the shutter of the camera and then be ready to (temporarily) be available as a transmitter to trigger other receivers/RF60(X).

    If you wanted to try that with the LV5 (as opposed to a V6II in Tx mode), you'd have to play a small channel configuration trick.

    jm2 said:

    ...but I thought to put on the same canal the WIRELESS FLASH RF60X. So the LV5 fires the RF60X and triggers my Sony camera by V6IIS.

    You cannot fire both camera and RF60X at the same time as the camera has a shutter release delay ("shutter lag") that is much, much longer than the (extremely short) response time of the RF60X.

    If you want to make this simple approach work, you'd have to set a delay time on the RF60X. The exact time (~70-120ms?) depends on the camera model. For consistent results, the focusing method should be manual and everything else that you can afford to operate manually should also be set to "manual".
  • Thanks a lot for the useful information.
  • You're welcome. :smile:
  • So I bought LV5 and following the manual pag. 19 -7.6 option 1 there is no problem except a quick passing through the laser gives no reaction only a slow. But there is no reaction at all in option 2 there is no communication between sensor and my V6 II RX although both on channel 5( tried all channels out). What do I wrong?
  • @jm2 To use V6 II RX with LV5 , please make sure the V6 II firmware is using legacy version, which is V1.1.0013 or earlier.

    The "A" version firmware of V6 II doesn't work with LV5.
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  • So it works only on old firmware.
    In the choice of older firmware versions, I've only SON 1.002 and 1.1.003 does that mean that it can't work with the V6II, because on 1.1.003 no connection.
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    Have you tried using the test button on the LV5 receiver to eliminate any potential issues with triggering via laser interruption, etc?

    Have you noticed the part in the manual how to set the wireless channel on the LV5?

    Are you doing your tests with a regularly configured V6II Rx that responds to a V6II Tx that is set to the same wireless channel as your LV5? Don't try to use "relay" mode yet, as that will involve a channel offset trick to make it work with an LV5.

    BTW, you should be able to obtain V1.1.013 (or alternatives) through the Cactus Firmware Updater. However, I would expect V 1.1.003 to work.

  • I'am sorry I did everything in the right order but it doesn't work so I sent it back tot the retailer.
    I'am waiting for a new LV6 with the possibility for new firmware.
    Thanks anyway
  • I just purchased a LV5.
    I also have
    (2) V6
    (1) V6 II
    (2) RF 60X

    I would like to use the LV5 to trigger my camera via use of the V6 II and also get the V6II to work as a TX for my RF 60X's. It appears that this is posable with the use of "Relay Mode" However I have not been able to get any reaction after turning on "Relay Mode" The LV5 works perfect triggering the shutter with Relay turned off. I have set the LV5 to channel 1 then turned on, set the V6 II to channel 1 & 2 (RELAY MODE turned on) with no result. I have no problem changing firmware (currently V6II firmware 1.1.013) I have also tried the V6 (firmware 2.1.001) with same results. I never use any TTL with my Cactus equipment so I'm not looking for any specific brand compatibility's. I'm just looking to get my Cactus equipment to sync up. I understand that the V6 now has firmware making HSS posable I'm not to worried about that firmware update.
    I'm just looking for the "BEST" firmware for getting the LV5 to sync with the V6II allowing the V6II to be able to trigger the shutter & control & fire the RF60X,s.

    Thanks for any & all help!!!
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    Sad to hear that your setup isn't working straight away.

    If you want to maintain the use of "RELAY" mode in order to minimise the equipment used, then use a V6 connected to the camera as a trigger with one of the "1. ..." firmware version and then it should work, provided the LV5 is set to one channel lower than the V6 and the V6 is in Rx and "RELAY" mode.

    I just tried the above configuration and it worked for me (with the V6 running V1.1.019).

    I tried to replicate your issue with the V6II and, sadly, for some reason the same channel offset trick doesn't work with the V6II (running V1.1.0013). Apparently something in the wireless protocol has changed which is probably the reason why the V6 running V2.1.001doesn't work either. Cactus would have to advise whether there is a bug or an inevitable incompatibility.

    If you need a V6II to fire your flashes, you could just use a V6 (with whatever firmware version) in Rx mode and use it as a sole camera trigger (to be triggered by the LV5). No relay mode would be required in this scenario (potentially you'd have to run the LV5 and V6 on a channel, say channel "6", that is different to the one you are using for the V6II and the flashes, so that the on-camera V6II doesn't get prematurely triggered by the LV5).
  • Thank you Class A!!
    I will install the older firmware on one of the V6's and give it a try. Another quick question.
    Did you need to have a specific firmware installed on the RF 60X's to communicate with the V6 running firmware V1.1.019
  • Hi Photobill,

    my RF60X runs on V1.04 (104).
    Just avoid the "A" versions when you want the RF60X to cooperate with a V6II running V1.1.019.
  • Thanks Class A
    I think I have it up & going. The downside is the V6 in relay mode is very spotty with to high of a percentage not tripping the trigger from the LV5 or not sending the signal to the RF 60X to fire. I will keep experimenting to try to find the right combination. I think it will start looking for a used V5 and us it for my shutter trigger.
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    I wouldn't have expected the V6 to be unreliable in relay mode, but then I don't have that much experience using it in that configuration.

    Have you tried using a V6 in regular "Rx" mode to use as your shutter trigger receiver?

    With the correct firmware, it should have no trouble at all to receive signals from the LV5 and trigger the camera.

    Of course, in this setup, you have two sets of radio-communicating devices:
    1. The LV5 + V6 Rx for triggering the camera.
    2. The V6 (II) on top of the camera and all the flashes (RF60X) you want to operate.
    These two sets need to use different channels, say "1" and "6".

    I'm suggesting to not use two channels in the range "1-5" because these are used by the LV5 and V5 as broadcast channels. To avoid any interference choose any two channels outside the range 1-5 or at most choose one channel in that range.

    Hope this helps.
  • After more testing I am getting better results. I have identified that the main source of the problem was the V6 attached to the cameras hot shoe. The V6 is able to be moved slightly when mounted with this movement it can cause erratic behaviour. I have also experienced this with a V6II mounted on a Pentax K3II while using HSS.
    Cactuses multi system compatibility is a blessing & a curse. With all the contacts on the V6 & V6II's they can be a bit finicky.

    Thanks again & I hope our discussion might help other with a LV5 or are trying to use a V6/V6II in relay mode

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    Hi Photobill,

    you are welcome!

    photobill said:

    Cactuses multi system compatibility is a blessing & a curse. With all the contacts on the V6 & V6II's they can be a bit finicky.

    I hear you, one of my V6II units also can lose contact on the hot-shoe. It helps to tighten the locking ring firmly (without breaking it off).

    This shouldn't be an issue on the V6, though, as the V6 only needs the centre pin. The rest of the contacts are just for the TTL pass-through feature. If the V6 gives you trouble regarding reliable contact, perhaps try cleaning the hot-shoe and/or the V6 contacts.

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