Canon or relevant DSLR PowerSync speed achieved

Deciding between PW and V6ii. (Hypersync/ Power Sync) NOT HSS
PW for Canon reaches 1/640-1/8000 what has anyone achieved with the V6ii?
I'm aware of Flash duration and mechanism of shutter, x sync speed, sensor size all have a play in it along with some of my older DSLR models such as my 5D. Not used for below photograph.( Not done tweaking yet but here you go). ;) 😉
How much over your cameras x sync speed have you achieved yourself, what was it and which light did you use. You may say type of Studio / Strobe but I'm mainly looking for speed lights.
I shoot action sports and can't always have the sun turned off. I would also like to have the room ambient light showing through for different looks.
Thanks in advance, if you haven't tried please don't post I haven't done that yet. Try it and get back to me,😃


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