Cactus V6 II & RF 60X with Nikon Z7

Got the latest firmware as of Sept 20 2018 for both V6 II & RF 60X.

Manual mode with HSS works fine but TTL mode cannot be set on V6 II. Is there an update in progress to solve this ?


Michel Jarry


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    In what way can the TTL mode not be set?

    If you repeatedly press on a group button, does the group not cycle through TTL, MANUAL, and OFF?

    You can try to use an older firmware version, just to see whether it makes a difference.

    BTW, "latest firmware" does not convey anything. There are two variants, one of them being a multi-brand variant which does not support TTL at all.

    I recommend to post the full firmware version specifications you are using so that people can help you.
  • My mistake, I just switched system from Fuji to Nikon and instead of installing FW for Nikon TTL, I had installed the multi brand version...

    Everything works really fine now.

    Michel Jarry
  • @MJarry Good to see it work.
    Ray Chan

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