RF60x on Lumix G9 issue

I received today 2 trigger V6II and 1 RF60x.

1 Trigger on Camera in TX and 1 Trigger with RX and RF60x on tripod works with HSS ....

1 Trigger on Camera in TX mode and RF60x on this trigger works only without HSS...

I'm using G9 Lumix. How can this be???



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    In the first scenario, are you using the RF60x attached to the V6II trigger?

    Note that the RF60x has a built-in receiver. You only need one V6II in Tx mode on the camera + an off-camera RF60x for the first scenario. You'd need a second V6II in Rx mode only if you have another flash. Sorry if that was clear already, but I think it is worth ruling out a potential misconception about the RF60x.

    Regarding your second scenario, I'd say the RF60x is not really intended to be used on an on-camera V6II unit. If you want to use it with HSS, at the very least make sure you still run it in "S" mode and that the radio work range of the V6II Tx unit on the camera is set to "SHORT". You may also have to isolate the centre pin of the RF60x against the V6II Tx's hot-shoe contact (e.g., using a piece of paper).

    It would probably be easier to use a flash bracket and mount the RF60x to the flash bracket instead of mounting it to the on-camera V6II Tx unit.
  • UPS, really fast answers. Thx for that.

    I did Firmware update again for all devices and followed afterwards all your advices. Now is going very well.
    BR and thx
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